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Property Rights Provisions

 Part of Property Rights Provisions:

Article no. (27) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserts the right to benefit from the protection of both moral and material interests that result from the attribution of the scientific, literary, and artistic publications to the real author. 

Thus, the following instructions should be taken into consideration:

  1. Prohibition of copying or utilizing any unlicensed computer software. 
  2. Prohibition of copying any artistic or literary publications that may cause violations to the rights of the authors.

Mechanism of Students' Grievances on the Results' of the Exam  

  • Receipt of Complaint  

The complaint should be presented to the office of the Faculty's Vice Dean for Educational and Students' Affairs.

  • Stipulations of Complaint  Receipt:
  1. Stating the data of the complainant as per the form that is specified for such purpose.
  2. Stating the details of the course.
  3. Stating the grade that the student obtained.
  4. Settlement of the fixed fees.
  5. Affixing the signature of the complainant .

  • System adopted for grievances
  1. Auditing the marks of the students written on the front page of the answer sheet and comparing them to the marks written inside this answer sheet, while affirming the validation of the course work marks in accordance with the approved lists that are delivered to the Control Department and the validation of the marks scored in the practical exams if found.
  2. Affirming the validation of the total marks scored in the course adding to the grade obtained by this student in this course. 


  • - Grievances' Procedures 
  1. The student reserves the right to edit his /her marks in the event of verifying any mistakes in the marks scoring process.
  2. Informing the complainant that the response to his/her complaint will be within two weeks. 
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