MTI University : لماذا تدرس في MTI؟ (طباعة)
لماذا تدرس في MTI؟
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Nearly everyone in Arab republic of Egypt has heard of the creative education system of MTI University.

To start with we can outline some reasons, why should you study at MTI?

Let's start with the most popular; MTI has one of the lovely's and peaceful atmosphere which is very much concerned with being student friendly.

MTI have many activities to explore your talents through different channels such as:
1- Opera house and theatre, which have a range of performances to offer both modern and old. You can also take a part of one the shows if you want to be a real world star.
2- Cinema hall.
3- MTI sports and social club.

We have different faculties to present the students the higher Education such as:
• Mass communication:
The Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies provides students with the tools they need to navigate the communication challenges of the 21st century.

The faculty offers following specializations:
1- Journalism.
2- Radio & TV.
3- Public relations & advertisement.

The faculty also offers regular training to the students at MTI media city, owned by the university. In the journalism laboratory we get professional training in the field of electronic media, these studios and laboratories are equipped with varied training capabilities in the field of editing, layout and direction, in accordance with the latest systems and international criteria. The faculty issues a newspaper entitled "Kalam Modern" edited by the faculty's students. Moreover, the faculty lunched the university's first private radio station. The faculty is taking steps towards establishing the first TV channel in all Egyptian universities.

• Computer science
In computer science faculty we focus on computing in all forms, from microprocessors to embedded computing devices to laptop and desktop system to supercomputers.

• Engineering:
Although architects and engineers perform many contribute to the design and implementation of buildings and structures. Understanding the traits that complement each role can help students determine which degree program nurtures their passion.

The following specializations are offered:
1- Communications and electronics engineering                   
2- Computer engineering
3- Control engineering
4- Construction engineering
5- Bio-Electronics engineering
6- Mechatronics engineering
7- Construction project management engineering
8- Architecture engineering
• Management:
We differentiate ourselves at the Faculty of Management through a worldwide methodology in our instructing and inquire about. Our educators originate from everywhere throughout the world, most have chipped away at examination extends abroad, and numerous keep on having universal joint efforts conveying a solid worldwide point of view to the majority of our projects.

The following specializations are offered:
1- Accounting
2- Marketing
3- Management and information systems
4- Financial institutions
5- Economics 

• Pharmacy:
Our students spend 300 hours training in the different Egyptian Pharmaceutical firms, including:
1- Pharmaceutical factories
2- Retail pharmacies

Hospitals following the clinical pharmacy programs, such as:
National Cancer Institute and hospital 57357 for children cancer and similar centers.

Students training will be under a supervision of the faculty's staff members

The background of the college graduates will enable them to be a member of Egypt pharmacists syndicate, Egyptian pharmaceutical society and international pharmacists' federation (FIP).

• Nursing:
The program includes internship year under the supervision of the faculty members for the (12 months) in the governmental and private hospitals.

• Dentistry & physical therapy:
Our students studying five academic years divided into 10 academic semesters and for the faculty of the physical therapy it will be the same + 1 year internship, and for both of them English is the main language of the study, and the study at the faculty adopts the credit hours system.

MTI is Specializing in educating and examine programs in chose regions of significance to the group and to the country, with energy to honor suitable degrees. We look for a foundation that cultivates changing and innovative thinking and learning, and continually joining new improvements of information in every significant field utilizing progressed instructive offices.